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Sod SeattleThe success of turf has as much to do with the preparation of the soil as planting and maintaining the sod. One important step is soil fumigation. Here are some reasons why fumigating soil will improve sod in Seattle:

Prevents Disease

Before sod is laid, there are always organisms already living in the soil. This will include those that are infected with disease. If diseased organisms already exist when sod is laid, then it will likely spread the disease to the grass. Starting out brand new sod with an existing disease can undo all efforts for a strong, thriving turf.

Weed Seeds

Of course creating a seed mix that discourages weeds from taking root is a priority when laying sod. However, if the soil is not treated to kill weed seeds before hand the weeds will likely grow faster than the sod—giving them a head start to propagate.


These lovely critters, also known as roundworms, love living in soil. They are not like the desirable earthworms that decompose organic matter and add to the fertilization of the soil. Instead, nematodes stay in the top 15 centimeters of the soil and feed on living matter, damaging roots as they go. These and other parasites are eliminated from the soil through the fumigation process.

Fungi and Bacteria

These are plentiful in the soil and can do direct damage to plant-life as well as use up nutrients, indirectly causing harm. Some even use up the oxygen in the soil, creating an inability for grass to thrive.  When fast spreading bacteria occurs, turf can be completely devastated.

Having a good seed mix for a sod that works against these threats is a good way to create healthy turf. But, before you get started, it is best to prepare with soil fumigation.

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