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May 28, 2014
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PlantsWeeds are a common occurrence that many different people have to deal with if they also have a lawn. Weeds will invade even lawns that are properly cared for. If you are having significant trouble keeping weeds under control, you should hire a professional lawn care service to help you get rid of them and prevent their return. However, there are methods you can utilize to help keep weeds at bay throughout the year. These techniques are not always 100% effective, but they can limit your weed population and keep your lawn as healthy and green as it can be.

Mow to an Ideal Height

Depending on your lawn type, the ideal height may be different in your case than your neighbor’s. If you cut no lower than the ideal height, and keep it cut before it can grow too long, the lawn will usually resist weeds on its own. You will also have to keep up with fertilizing and watering to ensure you always have the healthiest lawn possible. Longer grass will keep the soil shaded, which keeps it cool and does not allow weed seeds to germinate. If the weeds do germinate, they have a harder time growing because they do not get the sunlight the grass does. Keep your lawn at an ideal height and you should have fewer weed troubles.

Determine the Type of Weeds

Some treatments do not work on certain types of weeds, which means you will first have to determine which weeds you have in your lawn. There are three main types, and each one requires different products and application methods to treat correctly. The time of year also plays a part in the treatment of weeds, as some treatments can only be applied during certain seasons.

Use the Least Amount of Herbicide Possible

Needlessly introducing chemicals into your lawn can have damaging effects later on down the line. For that reason, you will want to use the lowest amount of chemicals to treat the weeds in your lawn. Use smaller amounts for tiny weeds, and larger amounts when you come across weed patches or out of control weed populations. Talk to the garden specialist at your local hardware store if you are not sure which size applicator is best for your particular situation. Chemicals do work well in killing weed growth, but going overboard can have severe negative effects on your lawn.

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