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Hydroseeding Chehalis

Hydroseeding can be an affordable method to produce a beautiful lawn. 

In a city like Chehalis, hydroseeding can be a smart choice. With hydroseeding, you can request a specific grass mixture that is designed to flourish in Chehalis. Along with the grass seed, hydroseeding applies just the right amount of fertilizer needed for soils found in Chehalis. Also, hydroseeding can be calibrated to apply just the right amount of mulch needed for Chehalis weather conditions. 

The Power of Hydroseeding

To establish a healthy grass lawn, you need good seed, a starter fertilizer, and mulch. The reason the hydroseeding process is so effective is that it applies the three essentials in the right amount all at the same time. The hydroseed operator calibrates the application to include just the right amounts of seed, fertilizer, and mulch in the mix.

  • Seed: A healthy lawn begins with the right grass seed. Choose a proven seed mixture that works well in your area. For example, a seed mixture for Chehalis, Washington, won’t be the same as a seed mixture for Southern California. A lawn seed mixture of perennial ryegrass and fine fescues matches the requirements for most lawns in Chehalis. Fresh, clean, weed-free seed is essential.
  • Fertilizer: The hydroseed process applies a specialized fertilizer known as a starter or installation fertilizer. The fertilizer is a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The right combination of these three nutrients helps promote root growth and early development of the young grass plants. A skilled hydroseeder can apply just the right amount of fertilizer without danger of over-application.
  • Mulch: A good layer of mulch helps protect the seeds and holds them in place while they germinate. For Centralia, the best mulch for hydroseeding consists of processed wood fiber. The hydroseed specialist applies just the right amount of mulch. Too little mulch would over-expose the seeds and new grass plants. Too much mulch would block the sun’s light that new grass needs for growth.

How Is Hydroseeding Priced?

The lawn size for homes in Chehalis varies from under 2,000 square feet to over 20,000 square feet. Since the pricing of hydroseeding is based on the square foot size of the lawn area, it works for both small lawns and large lawns.

Do You Have a Way to Water Your New Lawn?

Some properties in Centralia and other areas of Lewis County do not have an irrigation or sprinkler system installed. For hydroseeding to be effective, you will need an efficient way to water your newly hydroseeded lawn. If you do not have an in-ground sprinkler system already, you might consider installing one. An alternative for a small lawn is a timer connected to a hose and sprinkler. 

When the hydroseed specialist finishes and the hydroseed truck drives away, you must keep the soil moist while all the seeds germinate. Germination is when the seed opens and sends its first grass blades above the ground. Germination usually takes one to three weeks, depending on the weather. The seeds can’t be allowed to dry out at any time during the germination period.

Then, you must make sure the new grass plants get adequate moisture while they establish themselves. Establishment is when the new plants develop their roots and continue to grow. Establishment usually takes one to two months, depending on the weather. 

The next phase for your new lawn is its first year. Like any young plant, your new lawn needs more attention in the beginning. Centralia summertime temperatures during the day can average 80 degrees. The average number of summer days with rain in Centralia is just two to six days. You will want to continue your watering schedule through the hot, dry summer period during your lawn’s first year. Regular watering keeps the grass healthy and growing.

Can I Have Flowers Too?

Did you know that hydroseeding can be used for more than grass? If you admire natural meadows of mixed grasses and flowers, consider hydroseeding. You might have seen a grass and flower mixture used around a park, public building, or garden. A mixture of grass and flowers is known as eco-turf. With its wide-open areas and natural rainfall, Chehalis is a great location for hydroseeding an eco-turf area on your property. Open fields and lawn border zones can be good eco-turf areas. You mow the eco-turf area just one to four times per year with a high mower setting; since the eco-turf isn’t mowed short like a lawn you don’t want to use it in areas designed for pets, play, and foot traffic.

Alternatives to HydroseedingHydroseeding Professionals Chehalis

Hydroseeding is a great choice for many homes and businesses, yet there are other ways to produce a lawn. The fastest method is sod. Once you have the soil cleared and graded, many sod projects can be completed in one day. The cost of installing a sod lawn is generally more than hydroseeding. 

Another method of producing a lawn is hand seeding. Hand seeding means spreading the seeds and fertilizer using a calibrated seed spreader and then gently raking the seeds into the soil. If you are doing it yourself, a hand seeded lawn takes more of your time to apply than hydroseeding. The cost of hand seeding a lawn is generally less than hydroseeding.

Call Country Green Turf

Here at Country Green Turf Farms, we provide the highest quality of agricultural products in the Northwest. Since 1988, Country Green has been providing high-quality sod to meet any turf need that may arise. While we grow sod and provide it for different service needs, we also provide several other services to offer a comprehensive turf solution. Some of our other services include hydroseeding, fertilizer, landscape supplies and lawn establishment. 

For all your turfgrass needs, call Country Green Turf at 360-456-1006. We are your local trusted turf service providers. We provide affordable prices and much more! 

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