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PlantsFertilizers are essential for healthy plants, as it helps turn the soil rich and full of nutrients. Besides sunlight and water, fertilizer is the most important part of raising healthy plant life. If your soil has gone through cycles of planting and harvesting, there is a probable chance that the nutrients have been stripped away. This is where fertilizer comes in. It acts as a booster for the soil, helping plants get the nutrients they need for optimal growth and production. If you are a gardener and hope to grow your own fruits and vegetables, fertilizers are very important for your plants, as a properly fertilized garden can yield fine results. The types of fertilizers are varied and each one offers its own benefits. Talk to a professional lawn and garden care service if you have any more questions about fertilizers.


Inorganic fertilizers are the most immediate solution for plants that are in dire need of nutrients or are already dying. These fertilizers are artificial and will quickly give your plants a shot of ammonia, which is what they need to come back from true malnourishment. You should always have some inorganic fertilizer ready just in case.

Plant Specific

Some plants need specific fertilizers to thrive, or need to be given a certain ratio that cannot be messed with. If you use common fertilizing methods, the plants can be over or under fertilized, resulting in bad health. That is why there are special formulas that help particular plants find the right balance of nutrients for optimum health.


Liquid fertilizers can seep directly into the roots where your plants can immediately take hold of the needed nutrients. The only issue when it comes to liquid fertilizers is that you will need to fertilize more often, as the nutrients are used up more quickly. For large gardens, liquid fertilizers can cost you a lot of money and effort. They can even hinder plants that prefer well-drained soil.

Time Release

Time release fertilizer works on a schedule and can release the nutrients over a span of two to six months. A steady diet is fantastic for your plants, and it takes minimal effort on your part. All you have to do is wait until the time period is over and refill as necessary. While this method is good, it is the most expensive option available.


Fertilizer that comes with pesticides can not only give your plants the nutrients they require, but can also keep pests away at the same time. This is a less expensive option that gives just as much protection. Make sure, however, that there is an even balance, so the pesticides do not hit too strong. You don’t want to kill the plants as well.

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