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Our sod types are:

Perfect Blend (netted sod) made up of Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass & Hard Fescue

Green Sport 360 (no plastic netting) Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass

Versa Green 360 (no plastic netting) Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescues

Green Sport 360 and Versa Green 360 are only grown in our Olympia location but may be delivered north of I-90 for an additional charge.

Sod is freshly cut to order and must be installed the same day it is received.



For all goods or materials sold, CGTF EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Under no circumstance shall CGTF be liable for SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, LIQUIDATED OR CONSEQUENTAL DAMAGES of Customer or claims of any third party against Customer; and Customer waives any and all rights to such damages. ALL claims of Customer relating to alleged (1) quantity or shipping errors or (2) defective goods or materials shall be WAIVED by Customer unless verbal notification to CGTF is made on same day as delivery (or Customer pick up) of the goods or materials. ALL claims of Customer relating to alleged pricing errors shall be WAIVED by Customer unless made in writing to CGTF within ten (10) days after receipt of CGTF’s Invoice or Statement. Upon timely notification to CGTF of allegedly defective goods or materials, Customer’s sole remedy shall be replacement of the goods or materials or refund of the purchase price at CGTF’s sole discretion. Customer and the undersigned expressly and knowingly WAIVE the right to a jury trial on any issues relating to this Agreement.

All sales herein are final. Any returned equipment, supplies, inventory or other goods, which CGTF elects to accept, may be subject to a thirty percent (30%) restocking charge. It is the sole responsibility of Customer to return pallets on deposit to CGTF at an authorized facility. Pallet deposits will be credited to Customer’s account only upon return to CGTF facilities in a reusable condition. The terms of this Agreement are severable and the invalidity or illegality of any term shall not affect the others.


Customer Types:

Retail: Customers who have no business license in a landscape related specialty.

Commercial: Customers who have only a business license and do landscape related work.

Contractor: Customers who are licensed and bonded as a General Contractor, landscape related Specialty Contractor or are a branch of Government agency.

Wholesale pricing is available after we have been contacted by a Principal of the Company and provided with a current Washington State UBI number. Third parties may not place orders on your account and there is no wholesale pricing available with third party payments.


Payment Terms:

Since sod is a perishable item and we cut only enough for that day’s orders we require payment arrangements before or at the time of order.

Credit terms can be arranged by submitting a Credit Application for approval. For convenience we offer credit limited accounts for approved customers. These accounts are also convenient to customers who want the ability to pay with cash or check upon delivery.

In the absence of this agreement orders must be pre-payed by cash, check or credit/debit card upon order placement.


Business Hours:

Hours of operation are:          Monday thru Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturdays (April thru October) 8:00AM to 4:00PM


Placing Orders:

Orders for Delivery placed by 3:00 PM are scheduled to be delivered the next business day Monday thru Friday. Orders for Monday delivery need to be placed by 3:00 PM on Friday.

Delivery orders are made up in 50 square foot increments.

Changes to orders must be received by 12:00 noon the prior business day.

Orders for Pick-Up placed by 4:00 PM are ready for pick up any time the next business day.

Order cut-off times are occasionally impacted by business volume or inclement weather. Ordering in advance as soon as you know your site is ready is recommended.


Please be prepared with:

  • An electronic form of payment if credit has not been arranged (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).
  • The quantity and date the order is desired.
  • A valid address if delivery is being made. If the site does not have an address, we will need the coordinates for the site. The routing system we are implementing will not geolocate lot numbers, so they will not be accepted. Pinning (long pressing) the job site location on a mapping program in a smart phone will display the latitude and longitude. We only need the information to the third decimal point. If we attempt delivery and the information is incorrect a delivery charge will be applied for each attempt.



  • Delivery charge for sod orders under 600 square feet is $150.
  • Delivery charge for sod orders 600 square feet up to 1,190 square feet is $125.
  • Delivery charge for sod orders 1,200 square feet up to 10,000 square feet is $100.

Extended deliveries and Island deliveries are be subject to additional delivery charges.

Normal delivery schedule is Monday thru Friday and Saturdays (April thru October).

Our routing is optimized for efficiency and is finalized once customers have all placed their orders. You will receive notification of your delivery time by 4:30 PM the business day prior to delivery. Our goal is to have delivery complete as early as possible. Due to fluctuations in traffic the accuracy of delivery times will vary daily.



A refundable pallet deposit of $10.00 is charged for each turf pallet.  Refunds are processed weekly after the return of the reusable pallets. Our pallets are marked Country Green Turf and may be returned to a Country Green location or available neatly stacked for the driver at the site of your next delivery. The driver will leave a receipt for the pallets returned.

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