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February 6, 2015
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Grass, it’s everywhere. It’s so plentiful in fact, that it’s easy to forget how important and amazing it actually is. We can walk on it everday, never realizing that it does so much more than just cushion our footfalls and provide a great place to nap in the summertime. We know you can’t wait any longer, so without further ado, here are:

5 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Grass

  • Grass helps cool your home – Grass actually lowers the surface temperature of any property it surrounds. This can be by as much as 30 – 40 degrees over bare soil. Research shows that a single suburban home produces a cooling effect comparable to 8.75 tons of air conditioning.
  • There are many edible grasses – There are so many varieties of edible grass, we can’t identify them all here. Many are so commonly referred to by their specific name, like wheat and oats, that we forget they are grasses that produce grain. Grasses enjoyed in the U.S. include alfalfa and barley. Bamboo chutes are commonly eaten and provide a crunchy texture and mild flavor. Cattails are an excellent food source year round, providing you eat different parts depending on the year. Don’t eat just any grass though. North American varieties are reported to be non-toxic, but there are now many imported varieties that can contain high levels of cyanide. If you want to discover the wonders of edible grass, it’s always best to do extensive research first.
  • Grass plays an important role in local customs – As an element of the harvest, grass has played an important role in many festivals. Japan’s autumn moon festivals feature decorations made out of Japanese pampas grass. Throughout the world, ornamental grasses are frequently used in garden creation for their varied appearance and natural beauty.
  • Grasses are used for building – Throughout history, grasses have been used for building. Caddo and Wichita Native Americans in what is now East Texas used to use grass to construct elaborate houses. These provided excellent temperature control and elemental resistance. American settlers frequently built roofs using sod. These provided insulation during the summer and cooling during the winter. Current movements are seeing the installation of green roofs, providing similar benefits and unique rooftop ecosystems in large cities.
  • Grass has incredible cleaning abilities – Not only does grass clean air, trapping dust and dirt. Studies have shown hundreds of pounds of sulfur dioxide are absorbed by just an acre of grass in a single year. They can clean waterways as well. A floating grass billboard is currently being used in the Philippines to clean a highly polluted river. That’s because it can trap and absorb common chemicals from agricultural runoff. This includes heavy metals, phosphates and nitrates.

Now that you know all the amazing things grass can do for you, you need a good supplier. For carefully cultivated sod that provides your property with incredible benefits, Call (360) 456 – 1006 or Contact Country Green Turf Farm for professional installation and amazing results.

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