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Grass turf occasionally gets bashed a bit when discussing environmental impact. Yes, grassing over large areas of the Amazon may not be environmentally friendly. But, according to a study done by Ohio State University, there are benefits to grass turf in Olympia, WA and other cities. Here are some of the ways adding turf has positive potential for the environment.

Storing Carbon

Even when you account for the amount of carbon used to care for lawn turfs, such as gas for mowing, fertilizing, et cetera, grass plants still have four to seven times more carbon sequestration—the capturing and storing of carbon—than carbon emissions. Carbon is a destructive force in the environment, as the primary greenhouse gas that holds in heat. As a countering agent against those emissions, grass can have a large beneficial impact.

Protecting Soil and Water

When soil is bare there tends to be a lot of erosion, especially with all the rain in Olympia and the surrounding northwest. Grass has a strong, fibrous, root system which keeps soil in place. It captures water and keeps the land from get overly water logged. This not only prevents erosion but also mudslides.

In addition to eliminating erosion, grass also conserves water and cleans it. As water runs over grass and is absorbed, the pollutants are captured. This keeps the run-off from depositing those pollutants into surrounding water ways.

Cooling the Area

Cities have a heating effect due to all the assault, congested buildings, and car and industry emissions. Grass has a cooling process called transpiration. In this process water is evaporated from plants and cools the air around them. When large areas of turf are dotted throughout a city and its neighborhoods, the reduction in temperature can combat the heat that the city gives off.

These important benefits of grass turf on the environment gives it a boost in importance. For more information about the benefits of grass turf or on how to add turf to your property, contact us at Country Green Turf Farms.

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