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November 20, 2014
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December 5, 2014
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Whether you want to lay sod in Olympia WA and the South Sound area or plant your lawn with the hydroseeding method, choosing the right type of grass is essential to achieving a turf that is lush and green. When choosing a grass for hydroseeding in Olympia WA and the surrounding areas, it is generally best to stick with varieties that are labeled as “cool season” grasses. These grasses are better adapted to the overall cooler temperatures of Northwest lawns. These are some popular varieties of cool season best grasses to consider.


Fescue is a tufted grass that produces small flowers in the spring. It comes in tall or fine varieties, which govern how high and thick the strands grow. Fescue grows fast and often looks a little rougher than other types of grasses, so it’s good for lending a rustic look to your yard or as a complement to other types of grass. If you keep sheep or goats on your property, fescue is a highly nutritious feed for grazing animals. 

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is a lush, dark green grass that creates a uniform soft cover for lawns. It has a low tolerance to heat, so it has to be watered frequently in the summer, but it grows quickly throughout the early spring and fall. Kentucky bluegrass offers a good combination of durability and attractive appearance. 


Ryegrass refers to several species of tough, tufted grass. Most of the varieties used in seeding lawns are perrenial ryegrasses, which means that they go dormant during the cold part of the year and grow again in the spring rather than needing to be reseeded each year. Ryegrass looks similar to fuscue. It is composed of twisted stalks that can quickly grow very tall. 

All of these grasses cab fulfill your sod or hydroseeding needs, though each has a unique character and lends a subtly different look to the lawn it’s planted in. To find out more, contact a turf farm today.

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