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April 2, 2015
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Lawn Care

When you need a lawn care professional to help with your sod in Tacoma, there are a number of things you’ll want to be sure of before you hire them. Taking a little time before making your decision can save your a lot of trouble down the line. Sod installation is a great cost effective way to guarantee yourself a beautiful lawn, but if you don’t choose the right company for the job your lawn may not last long enough to even take root. Consider these when choosing your lawn care professional:

  • Needs – Determine what you both want and expect from your lawn care service. Many providers offer similar services, but not all of them offer the same services. Make sure they will be able to meet your needs in the time frame you need them met in.
  • Methods and Guarantees – A reliable lawn care provider will only provide services that are beneficial. Ask what products they use, and find out of they pro-actively treat and charge for problems you may not ever encounter. Also inquire about any guarantees. A company that is willing to back their work is generally performing at a level they believe is high enough that they will not have to come back. This is a good thing because although a company will honor a guarantee, it indicates they believe their quality is high enough that it will not be necessary.
  • Recommendations¬†– Word of mouth is a good way to get introduced to an excellent lawn care professional. Whether you need sod in Tacoma¬†or any of a dozen other lawn services there are almost certainly folks nearby who have utilized the same companies. Getting their take on it and finding out whether their needs were met can go a long way in helping you determine if your will be as well.

For excellent sod mixtures and professional sod installation in Tacoma, call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.

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