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Hydroseeding in Marysville is a great option for a number of uses. From quickly seeding ¬†fields and parks to¬†providing a viable and fast growing food source for cattle. With so much variety, it’s easy to see why hydroseeding has become such a popular option for quick coverage and guaranteed growth. It doesn’t always get used for standard practices though, because of the malleability of the mixtures and the ease with which it can be applied in any environment, some folks are getting quite creative with their hydroseeding.

Feeding the fishes has reported on this interesting use of hydroseeding in the state of Alabama. Ever the innovators, the U.S. Forestry Service had their hand in this experiment, the goal of which was the proliferation of fish in Smith Lake. As any ecologist will tell you, one of the biggest restrictions to a species ability to expand is food. When that becomes restricted, continuing to grow becomes difficult. This is due to multiple reasons, one of which is that young fish spawn become more tempting sources of food. How to attract more food for fish though?

This where hydroseeding shines. Spraying the shoreline of the Smith Lake storage reserve grows grass in an environment with very little natural grass. The grass serves multiple purpose.

  • Insect Attraction – Insects are attracted to shoreline grasses, and when water levels rise in the spring it provides the perfect resting place for shoreline insects.
  • Hatchling Safety – When young fish spawn have nowhere to hide they may as well be sitting targets, this gives them a place to safely avoid larger fish.
  • Food – The new food source provides larger fish with something to eat other than frys, allowing the frys to grow to maturity.

All this from some simple hydroseeding. When you need the best seed mixtures and top notch spraying services for your hydroseeding in Marysville call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.

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