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October 30, 2014
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November 14, 2014
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One of the best benefits of installing sod in Olympia WA is that it turns your property into a verdant, luscious lawn as soon as the grass is unrolled. Professionally cultivated seedlings and soil often come with a bigger price tag up front than their hydroseedling counterparts, so you’ll want to protect your investment. Here are four easy things you can do to keep your sod looking fresh and full.

1. Water Often

Give your sod a generous showering of water within in an hour of unrolling it. Continue to water frequently as the roots are delicate and extremely vulnerable to damage. Further, ample watering will prevent the new sod from drying out and shrinking in size. Water heavily and evenly for the first month after laying the sod. If you notice pale patches, it’s a sign your lawn is not receiving enough moisture. You can cut back on watering after a month has passed.

2. Keep Off

When sod is new, keep off is the rule. Even light pressure on fresh sod is capable of tearing and damaging the fledging root system. This means you should make every effort to stay off of the sod even during watering. If you have pets or kids, consider fencing off the delicate area with wire frames or other temporary measures.

3. Fertilize

It’s a good idea to fertilize your sod at the same time you unroll it for a strong, healthy start. After that, wait 30 days before fertilizing again. Be sure to water right away to avoid burning. Apply fertilizer roughly every 60 days from March to October. It’s unnecessary to fertilize during the winter because it can cause stress to the sod.

4. Mow

You can begin to mow your sod around five weeks after it’s planted. This is usually enough time for root systems to grow and stabilize themselves in the soil. Try not to mow more than one third of the leaf the first time and then gradually work down in height from there.

For questions or assistance with sod and hydroseeding in Olympia WA, contact your trusted turf farmers today.

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