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October 10, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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Part of owning a lawn is having to mow it. Many people don’t realize, though, that mowing is more than an occasional chore that keeps the lawn neat—it’s one of the biggest factors that determines the health of your grass. Mowing correctly can help ensure green, healthy, and beautiful sod in Seattle, WA.

Good Length

The first thing to consider when you mow is how long you want to keep the grass. Slightly longer grass tends to be healthier (depending on the species) and more pleasurable to walk on. Some people, though, prefer shorter grass, or need to keep it short to play sports on. Adjust the blade height of your lawn mower to ensure you’re getting the right length.

The 1/3 Rule

When you cut your grass, try not to take off too much of the blade at one time. If you take off more than one-third of the plant, the stress of losing so much material at once can damage the grass. If your lawn has gotten long and you want to remove more than one-third of the length, mow more regularly and gradually adjust the height of your blade downward.


How often should you mow? It depends on the type of grass you have, how well it is watered, and how quickly your lawn grows. Generally, you don’t want to let too much time pass between cuttings so that you don’t remove too much of the grass blades when you do mow. Mowing too often, though, can stress the grass. About once a week is usually fine.

The Lawnmower

Finally, your lawnmower plays a big part in the health of your grass. Ensure that the blades are sharp so that you cut the leaves instead of tearing them, which hurts the grass. Also, consider getting a mulching mower, which returns more nutrients to the lawn.

Whether you’re planting traditionally, installing sod, or hydroseeding in Tacoma WA, a little research and a bit of work can help you get the grass you want. If you want a healthier lawn, then you don’t necessarily have to mow more—just smarter.

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