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September 30, 2014
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October 20, 2014
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After laying sod in Seattle WA, you’ll want to be sure that your grass grows in lush and green. One of the best ways to obtain the lawn you desire is to water appropriately. Although watering requirements vary from place to place, there are some good recommendations that are pretty typical no matter where you live.

Know Your Grass

There are several blends of grass that are used in top quality sod. The various types of grass commonly used have different watering requirements. For example, a seed mixture of Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Hard Fescue may need more consistent watering than a blend with a higher ration of Fescue.

Understand the Variables

There are several factors that affect how much water your new sod needs. These include:

  • Climate
  • Type soil
  • Type of grass
  • Mowing methods
  • How often the lawn is fertilized 

Your lawn will give you signs when it needs more water. Look for curling blades or a bluish tin. If the lawn looks dry or if you can see your footprints in the lawn then it is probably time to water again.

Water in the Morning

The best time of day to water the lawn in between just before the sun comes up. This gives your lawn plenty of time to absorb the water and to dry out before the sun goes down. Watering during the day increases the risk of evaporation and water after dark leaves the lawn at risk of fungus and disease.

Avoid Over-watering

It can be tempted to leave the water on for extended periods of time or to water every day. However, this won’t deliver the healthy lawn that you are hoping to achieve. Too much moisture is an invitation to lawn disease, weeds, and even insects. Too much water can be as much of a problem as too little.

Whether you decide to lay sod or to use hydroseeding in Tacoma WA, the way you want the lawn will have a great deal to do with the final appearance of your landscape. If you need more information about watering, sod, or hydroseeding, call Country Green Turf Farms.

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