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To understand how current hydroseeding in Renton works it helps to have a little bit of a history on it. Hydroseeding was invented in the late 1940’s by a Connecticut Highway Department employee named Maurice Mandell as an efficient way to seed the sides of expressway embankments. It was quickly put to use by an enterprising man by the name of Charlie Finn. He sold the first commercial hydroseeder. This early model paired mixing units with a spray unit in order to provide a constant stream of hydro seeding mixture at a steady pressure. These days it’s gotten a little more in-depth though, even if the basic premise remains the same.

The Modern Hydroseeding Process

The primary difference between the hydroseedng of yore and today’s methodology is what’s put into the slurry. Whereas hydroseeding started out as simply seed and water, today there are a variety of additives added in order to ensure seeds grow properly. They can even be pre-germinated, guaranteeing they’ll all begin to take root even faster.

Hydroseeding Slurry Contains:

  • Water – The water makes up a large portion of the mix, carrying the seeds and hydrating them.
  • Seeds – This is often a variety of different grass types specifically selected by the hydroseeder to perform well in local environmental conditions.
  • Phosphorous – Plays a large role in plant growth and when used in hydroseeding helps to accelerate growth.
  • Mulch – This is made from wood or paper and provides the seeds with protection as well as keeping in moisture.
  • Tackifiers – In rainy areas these are used to help the slurry adhere to slopes without washing away.

Hydroseeding Applications

Though originally used primarily for erosion control, the quick application, relatively inexpensive cost, and ability to mix a variety of different types has led hydroseeding to the forefront of the grass industry. It is now used for seeding fields for feeding livestock, quickly seeding playing fields, erosion control, and tailored mixes can even be used to cover a field in wild flowers. With all the applications hydroseeding has in Renton, when you need hydroseeding performed you need a reliable company.

With decades of experience and tried and true mixes, call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farm for all your Renton hydroseeding needs.

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