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Seattle Lawn

With daylight savings pushing all of our clocks forward, spring is right around the corner. The official first day of spring is March, 20. Landing on a Friday means you’ll likely have a beautiful weekend ahead of you, and it’s been 3 weeks since you performed our list of spring sod care tips. That means your Seattle sod lawn is in perfect shape for some fun and games.

Lawns are great to appreciate, but why put all that effort into a gorgeous lawn when you don’t intend to use it? It’s the perfect time to invest in some brand new lawn games, that way you’ll get the maximum amount of use out of your lawn during the coming spring and summer months.

Lawn Games

  • Bocce ball – An old classic, your grandparents may have even bonded over this one. Bocce ball is an Italian game by origin that has grown to become a summer favorite throughout the world. The game involves throwing a small ball called a jack. Teams or individuals then take turns throwing 2 balls a piece. Whoever has the most balls closest to the jack and in front of their opponents first ball gets a point for each. It’s quick, spirited, and a fantastic way to enjoy your lawn.
  • Ladder Golf – A newer game, this is a fun one both indoors and out doors. A ladder is positioned with 3 rungs, the bottom most being worth 1 point, the second 2 points, and the top 3. Participants throw bolos, (two hard spheres attached by a rope), in order to score points. The score can be set as high as you’d like, and soft child friendly bolos are available making it fun for the whole family.
  • Croquet – Made most famous by Alice in Wonderland, croquet dates back to at least 1856. Originally called pall mall, the rules of the game haven’t changed in over 150 years. Lay down your iron arches, grab your mallets, and whoever gets their ball through in the fewest amount of strokes is the winner. The great thing about croquet is that everything from buckets to trees can be used as hazards, making every game interesting and new.

Now that you know what to play this summer, make sure you’ve got a beautiful lawn. For all your sod needs in Seattle, call (800) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.

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