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Turf in Seattle is an important part of the local ecosystem. Not only does it determine how a ball moves on the field, it provides natural cooling abilities on hot days and gives players and their families somewhere nice to rest during the game. A properly installed turf can provide citizens with longevity, enjoyment, and a place to socialize. It also doesn’t carry any of the recently suspected health risks that artificial turf does.

Artificial Turf, Real Danger

What you may not realize about artifical turf, is that it can pose some very real health problems. This isn’t because artificial turf itself is inherently dangerous, but the medium it’s laid on top of very well may be. Many of these field use what is called crumb rubber. Here are a few basic facts:

  • Crumb rubber is made of ground up used tires and has been used on artificial fields for more than 20 years.
  • About 30 percent of crumb rubber is made up of carbon black, a known carcinogen.
  • The EPA study on the harmful effects of crumb rubber was admittedly limited and focused predominantly on carcinogens in air vapor.

Recent reports have shown that this limited viewpoint of how carcinogens can enter the body could be the studies biggest failure. Young children have actually been getting some very rare forms of cancer. When interviewed by CBS these children said that when playing soccer they ended up with scratches and burns where rubber particles entered the wounds. They also got it in their mouths, noses, eyes and ears. Soccer goalies appeared to be the most affected by this problem.

Though there certainly needs to be more studies performed, the EPA has stated their press release concerning the initial study is outdated. Since that press release also carried the findings of the study, it is a not stated as such admission that the study itself is outdated. The EPA has not performed a new study as of yet.

If you have concerns with artificial turf, there is a natural alternative. The experts at Country Green Turf Farms grow beautiful, lush, safe, real turf for use anywhere grass fields are needed. call (360) 207 – 1848 or Contact Country Green Turf for turf in Seattle today.

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