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It’s easy to forget that turf in Marysville requires care. You see it every single day, and unless something goes really wrong and you get a lawn disease, it can feel like it takes care of itself. This isn’t always the case though, and a good fertilizer can go a long way towards helping you maintain a healthy lawn in Marysville. With stark differences between the two primary fertilizer options, how can you decide which one is best? We’ll explain the primary differences between organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers so that you can choose the perfect fertilizer for your Marysville turf.

Synthetic Fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizers offer one primary benefit to consumers, they act very quickly. There are some major downsides for this convenience though. Synthetic fertilizers are water-soluble salt compounds. You must be very careful with the amount you use, or you’ll end up burning the roots of your grass and killing it. Synthetic fertilizers are also prone to leaching into water supplies, in addition to doing little for the longevity of your soil.

Synthetic fertilizer is also predominantly composed of fillers. These inactive ingredients in chemical fertilizers can be made of harmful substances. As an example, some use Ironite mined from a Superfund site. This material contains lead and arsenic but since it is not an active ingredient, companies are not required to list it on the product label.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers usually offer a slower release of nutrients, one of their largest benefits is that they don’t just help to improve your grass, they actually improve the soil. The micronutrients in organic fertilizers actually get into the soil itself, improving the ecology of your soil. It does take a ┬ámuch longer time to see the benefits of organic fertilizer though, so if you don’t need instant results it can be a great preemptive measure to ensure grass health.

The inactive ingredients in organic fertilizers are also safe for the environment, these include things like clay and sawdust. They won’t leach into the waterways and won’t damage the ecology of your soil system.

Now that you know what fertilizer to use, it’s time to get some amazing turf in Marysville. Call (360) 657-2175 or contact Country Green Turf Farms today for turf in Marysville.

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