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April 23, 2015
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With spring rains in the Northwest still present, we’re used to a rainy season that just won’t quit. That can present major problems when it comes to hillsides. If you’ve got a hillside that’s already lush with grass and plant life, you don’t have to worry about erosion. Property owners looking at barren hills know they may be one really good rain away from a mudslide though. So what’s the easiest way to control erosion in Seattle? Something affordable and effective? If the title wasn’t a dead give away, it’s hydroseeding.

Erosion Control with Hydroseeding

Erosion control in Seattle is necessary. The landscape can be quite hilly, and since many of the slopes are of a lesser grade, hydrosseding in Seattle is actually the perfect option. The reason it works so well is three-fold.

  • Affordability – Hydroseeding is one of the cheapest methods available for seeding property. This is because unlike sod, it doesn’t have to be grown first. That means less time and energy during production of the product, less man power to apply the product, and an affordable option for nearly any budget.
  • Reliability – Because hydroseeding requires specific mixtures of compounds, it’s almost guaranteed to work. Tackifier makes sure it sticks, mulch protects it, ferilizer feeds it. Since you can make nearly any combination of seeds, whatever the end user would like to grow will. That includes different grass varieties and even flowers, making it a perfect fit for your property and climate.
  • Efficiency – There’s a reason so many companies turn to hydrosseding when they need a job done quickly. Though sod is ready for use sooner, when you need to cover large landmass in a short amount of time, hydroseeding can’t be beat. It’s fast and takes root quickly, providing erosion control over even large areas in a short amount of time.

When you need fast, reliable, and affordable hydroseeding in Seattle call 1-800-300-1763 or contact Country Green Turn Farms Today.

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