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Sod in Olympia is tricky business. Depending on its use it requires a range of different grass types. Many of these are from the Northwest, but there are some grass types we regularly use from much warmer climates. When you need sod, it’s important to have the correct grass types for the task at hand. A mixture for a field that sees lots of trampling and running will need to be more resilient and faster growing than one for a golf course. We even have feed mixtures that are specifically designed for grazing herd animals. Here are the basic grass types we use most when growing sod for Olympia based customers, and what makes them unique.

Northwest Grass 101

  • Hard Fescue – This cool-season perennial bunchgrass was released in 1949. It’s often used for stabilization, weed suppression, and golf courses. As a low maintenance grass it’s a great option for a variety of uses. It’s also been specifically adapted for the rain fall of the Northwest, thriving in our climate.
  • Perrenial Ryegrass – This grass type is often used in the southwest for lawn overseeding in the winter. Since it enters a dormant state during cool seasons, it’s often added to grass mixtures so that during cooler seasons lawns remain green. In the Northwest it thrives, acting as a permanent, year round grass option.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – Though it isn’t actually blue, the perrenial grass sees frequent and common use in the Northwest. It is hearty, well draining, and frequently used in lawns, parks, and even pasture grass. 90% of the bluegrass seed in the U.S. is actually produced in the Northwest.
  • Chewings Fescue – Adapted for cool regions like the Northwest, Chewings fescue can be aggressive and is best used to crowd out weeds. It also thrives in shady areas, making it great for cloudy Northwest skies. As a grass adept at surviving in low fertile soil, it is often used on golf courses, and areas were low maintenance and resilience is desired.

When you need sod in Olympia that uses the best customized grass mixtures for the Northwest, call 800-300-1763 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.

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