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January 13, 2015
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Sod, also known as turf grass, is an incredibly versatile thing. Though it is used most often for landscaping when a lawn is needed immediately, that’s not all it is used for. Sod in Bellingham, WA doesn’t have to stay on your lawn, it can also thrive on your roof.

The Benefits of Sod Roofing

Have you heard of a green roof? It might sound counter-intuitive at first. You may be wondering, how could putting something living on a roof be beneficial to the structure? While, a sod roof offers a number of incredible benefits. Thanks to the water retention of sod it actually helps to significantly lessen run-off produced from rain. This helps keep the soil surrounding your structure from becoming waterlogged in heavy rains. It also naturally purifies the water as it runs off, so less particulates end up in the storm drains.

Sod roofs also act as natural insulators. They keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Maintenance is minimal, and as long as you have excellent waterproofing beforehand, most sod roof owners see an excellent return on investment over traditional roofs thanks to savings on their electricity bills. You can build a green roof using sod in Bellingham, WA yourself.

On top of all these benefits, a sod roof also turns any flat roof into your own private oasis, no matter where you live.

A Brief History of Sod Housing

Interestingly enough, using sod as roofing material isn’t a new concept. Many homesteading pioneers had houses that utilized sod for the very reasons we use it today. They cited sods ability to keep houses, “Cool in summer, warm in winter.” Thankfully, we don’t have to live in houses with one room and a dirt floor to achieve the benefits of sod roofing.

Modern Day Sod Roofing

The sod roofs of today do so much more than those of yesteryear. Many cities like Portland, OR and Bellingham, WA have embraced cost friendly aspects of the green movement. Sod roofing in Bellingham, WA is just one part of a greater shift. That shift is towards unique living spaces with communal benefits. One benefit we glossed over applies to communal living spaces. Places like apartment complexes have extensive structures and roofs that cover thousands of square feet. When sod roofing is utilized with walkway and lounge areas, small trees and bushes, and even gardens, it creates something greater than the whole.

Scientists have studied these roofs and actually found that they act as unique island like ecosystems. Many birds, bees, and other insects have been found as high as 40 stories, pollinating plants and inhabiting these areas. Birds in particular use them as rest stops. These allow humans to enjoy the benefits of nature, and see unique wildlife even when nestled in the heart of a city.

When you’re ready to make the leap to sod roofing, you’ll need a healthy supply. Country Green Turf sells sod in Bellingham, WA and the surrounding areas, using extensive best practices to ensure you receive the healthiest, greenest, and longest lasting sod. Call or Contact Country Green Turf for sod in Bellingham, WA today.

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