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Living in the Pacific Northwest can have its challenges when it comes to keeping a lawn looking lush and beautiful. There are several very common problems that occur in Washington yards but luckily there are simple ways to restore them. For the best place to buy sod, visit the experts at Country Green Turf Farms.

Pet Spots

For all of the pet parents out there, it’s become an unfortunate acceptance of the dry, dead spots in the yard. But this does not have to be a reality. Dog’s urine contains high levels of acid, salt and nitrogen. And while nitrogen is good for plants it is not beneficial in small, concentrated areas. This kills the grass roots and when it rains that nitrogen then dilutes and makes the other grass around the dead spot greener, causing that spot to stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t give up hope, there are remedies for this. Paying attention to where the dog(s) frequently go to the bathroom and diluting the grass with water right afterwards will help a lot. Removing the grass spots is a fairly simple process as well. First, soak the spot fairly well to dilute any remaining nitrogen, salts and acids. Then scrape and dig up the dry spot, sprinkle new soil and plant new grass seed. In about 4 to 6 weeks the yard should be looking much better. If at all possible, training the dog to only use a certain spot in the yard ca be very beneficial as well. If there are just too many dry spots, consider new sod.


If a yard ever feels spongy when walked on, it could have a thatch accumulation. Thatch is the dead stalks and roots of grass, it is very fibrous and collects between the grass and the soil. If thatch continues to build up it can cause issues for the rest of the lawn. Causing the grass to get too hot and prevent proper water absorption, creating a drought. There are several tips to get rid of and prevent thatch build up. Pay attention to how short the grass is cut. Letting the grass grow really long and then cutting it really short will only aid in accumulating more dead grass. It is also incredibly helpful to water less frequently but for a longer duration. Short and frequent watering cause the grass roots to develop very short root systems because they don’t have to grow very deep to get water. But long waterings spread out allow the soil to become saturated with water and the grass roots to grow deeper into the soil. Reducing the amount of pesticides used on the grass will also help prevent thatch. The worms and other helpful organisms within the soil help provide a healthy soil composition for the grass. Always remember to aerate the yard once a year and water the grass the day before to ensure the aerator will perform adequately.

Fairy Rings

Fairly rings create a very dark green and fast growing circle of grass and often a ring of mushrooms will develop, encircling the grass. This is often caused by tree roots or stumps decaying underneath the soil. Proper aeration will help prevent this issue. Smaller doses of fertilization can also help alleviate fairy rings. Small amounts of fertilizer around April or May, again around June or July and then once more around October or November.


Damaged LawnGrubs are small, white, worm-looking larvae in soil. These larvae eventually become moths or beetles, so if there is an increase in either of these insects around the property it could be an indication of grubs. These larvae eat the roots of grass which causes it to wilt and die. It is easy to check for these; simply lift up a section of the grass with a shovel and check underneath it. If there is a significant amount of grubs in that section then it is probably wise to treat for them, otherwise the dead grass will keep spreading. An increase in grubs also creates an increase in moles, birds and raccoons, all which feed on the grubs. And while that might sound like a problem solved, it actually creates more issues. These animals will tear up the grass and dirt to find and eat the grubs, causing more damage to the lawn. If the amount of grubs is substantial, the use of an insecticide would be the best option. If it is a recent development and there isn’t a lot of grubs present it is a good idea to nurture the grass a little extra to help it defend itself from the grubs. Infrequent but long watering sessions will help the grass’s roots develop deeper into the soil, protecting the grass better from the grubs.


Shade is the unavoidable frustration that a lot of lawn owners deal with. Shade can be caused by large trees or the side of a home or building. But whatever the cause, the grass or plants in the shade will not thrive and match the rest of the lawn. Typically the grass will thin out and eventually become barren. The best solution for this situation is to plant a shade garden or other low light plants. There are a lot of ideas on the internet for beautiful shade gardens. This area will thrive and look a lot better than an empty patch of dead grass. If grass is still the determined choice, then using sod instead of trying to plant seed is going to be the more successful option. Sod is already sprouted from the seed and just needs to be laid down in patches.

Redmond Residents Choice For Sod

Country Green Turf Farms supplies a variety of sod options for their Redmond residents. They have sod options for shady areas, sports and recreation fields, and for general use. It all comes specially fertilized for the specific application needed. The family owned business has been providing the community with lawn advice and products since 1988. Good quality sod can make a huge difference in lawns and other properties. Stop by Country Green Turf Farms today!

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