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Modern Hydroseeding

The primary difference between the hydroseeding that is done today and what was done many years ago is what is put into the slurry. This slurry was originally just seed and water, today there are a variety of additives added in order to ensure the seeds grow properly. Finding the right hydroseeding Bellevue is important in ensuring healthy growth.

Hydroseeding Slurry

  • Water – Carries the seeds and hydrates them
  • Seeds – Variety of different grass types for the specific environment
  • Phosphorous – Helps to accelerate growth
  • Mulch – Made from wood or paper and provides the seeds with protection and moisture
  • Tackifiers – Help the slurry adhere to slopes without washing away

Hydroseeding Applications

Though originally used for erosion control, the quick application, inexpensive cost, and ability to mix a variety of different grasses has led hydroseeding to the forefront of the grass industry. It is now used for feeding livestock, quickly seeding playing fields, erosion control, and tailored mixes can even be used to cover a field in wildflowers. There are many applications for hydroseeding but knowing which kind will work best for each situation requires experience and knowledge in the field. When in doubt consult a hydroseeding expert.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

It can be difficult to decide on the best method to use when planting a new lawn. There is a ton of agricultural information to read and sort through. But hydroseeding is probably one of the best options. There are numerous benefits to this method and it is a fantastic option for the Pacific Northwest. This area of the United States is known for its lush, green scenery. The use of hydroseeding only increases the green landscape in Bellevue.

  • Hydroseeding in Bellevue is an incredibly cost-effective way to get the job done. They are more labor-intensive and require more manpower to accomplish. Though sodding can be a great option, it is up to four times as much.
  • Hydroseeding is incredibly versatile. Reliable hydroseed professionals offer many different mixtures. These can accomplish everything from seeding sports fields to feeding livestock. Many even offer custom mixtures.
  • With the inclusion of mulch in the slurry. Hydroseeding in Bellevue is a great choice for erosion control. The mixture sticks to whatever surface it lands on. This guarantees the seeds will plant where they are laid, and offers immediate erosion control.
  • The quality of hydroseeding is comparable to that of much more costly options. The slurry helps to ensure successful seed implantation. This means significantly less worry about seed rejection. Mixtures can also include many different grass types, so there is the option to choose the perfect combination for specific applications.
  • Where traditional methods take a long time and a significant amount of manpower, hydroseeding in Bellevue is fast and efficient. This equates to fantastic coverage in a short amount of time.

History of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding Near MeTo understand how current hydroseeding works it helps to have a little bit of history on it. Hydroseeding was invented in the late 1940s by a Connecticut Highway Department employee named Maurice Mandell as an efficient way to seed the sides of expressway embankments. It was quickly put to use by an enterprising man by the name of Charlie Finn. He sold the first commercial hydroseeder. This early model paired mixing units with a spray unit in order to provide a constant stream of hydroseeding mixture at a steady pressure. These days it’s gotten a little more advanced though, even if the basic premise remains the same.

Hydroseeding is known as one of the most innovative techniques used for grass plantation. Today’s hydroseeding method is being used for residential lawns, commercial areas, sports grounds, parks, slopes, and hilly regions.

Hydroseeding Process

Today hydroseeding in Bellevue has gained popularity as it provides faster and better results. It is also more cost-effective than the traditional methods and works great in controlling soil erosion. This grass planting method starts with the preparation of the soil. The soil is first tested in order to determine what nutrients it may be lacking. After this is done, the existing vegetation and debris are removed from the soil while fertilizer is then added to it.

The soil is tilled at least 2 inches deep, and topsoil is then added. A lawn roller is used to compact and level it. On this well-prepared soil, a mixture is sprayed from the hydromulcher covering it completely with a green coating. This mixture contains fertilizer, mulch material, seeds, and water. Once the slurry is sprayed on to the lawn, it would require regular watering till the grass blades grow.

Adequate moisture and the mulch material help in the germination of the seeds. The mulch retains the moisture within the soil and also holds the seeds in place. It acts as a nutrient for the seeds and thus helps in their growth. The mulch also helps in controlling soil erosion due to wind and rain. It takes 7-10 days for the grass to come out and within a month the whole area is covered with lush green, healthy grass. However, the lawn will require proper care after it has been hydroseeded to ensure improved growth. This entails enough watering, mowing, and fertilizing on a regular basis.

Though the process is less complicated, it is always better to hire professionals. Many hydroseeders use customized seeds as per the soil and weather conditions in the specific area. Contact us today and find out how Country Green can you help you hydroseed your lawn.

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