Sod Installation

One of the great things about sod is that it doesn’t have to be permanent. Just like a sod farm will cut it out of the ground when it is ready for sod installation in Seattle, so too can existing sod be re-used. If you want to strip your front lawn bare and transplant it into you back lawn, the option is there. Though we’d advise you consider fresh sod in Seattle before performing lawn surgery. This re-use had led to some recent altruism on the part of Picayune Memorial High School in Mississippi.

Sod finds a new home

When the school decided to get artificial grass for their field, instead of throwing away perfectly good sod, they decided to re-use it. The city was having significant trouble growing grass on a specific side of a city park. Instead of bulldozing the school’s field, city officials negotiated to purchase it at roughly half the going rate. Ironically, the park was the city’s very first football field back in 1922. Many residents have found it fitting that a football field is now helping it to find new life.

While the drought in California has been severely limiting both sod farmers and homeowners ability to purchase it, the market in Washington remains strong. When you’re looking for a healthy new lawn that’s been grown in the best conditions with the finest mixtures of grass seeds, you’ll want to give us a call (360) 207-1848 at Country Green Turf Farms. Our sod comes in a variety of different grass types that are specifically tailored for different uses. From pasture grazing to golf courses and multipurpose lawn use, sod is one of the easiest ways to guarantee a healthy vibrant lawn as spring turns into summer. As a renewable resource, sod is one of the best ways to guarantee quality. Contact us today.


Noxious weeds fall into 3 distinct classes depending on how wide spread they are. There are many different varieties in the Northwest that include bighead knapweed and common tandy. Depending on which list they are on the weeds are either considered rare, partially spread, or common. Many are banned from importation, and common varieties you may be familiar with include fragrant water lily. Lists contain both aquatic and non-aquatic species.

Natural weed control

Whether you plan on hydroseeding your lawn or using sod, ensure that you use a local company with healthy mixtures and growing practices. When you use the right seed for your climate, you end up with a stronger lawn in Seattle. This is because the grass will take deeper root. One of the keys to crowding out weeds it to ensure your grass gets a strong foothold. When the grass roots run deep and reach water that weeds cannot, the weeds end up naturally dying and are unable to get a the foothold they need to survive.

  • Cornmeal – Cornmeal keeps all seeds from germinating. So once your lawn is safely established it can be used for natural weed control before the weeds start growing.
  • Vinegar – Vinegar can also be used early in the morning as a natural weed killer. You don’t want to use it too often in order to avoid soil contamination.
  • Boiling water – Boiling water is safe and effective for weeds. It may require multiple treatments for deep rooted weeds.

When you need Northwest friendly seeds or sod or hydroseed call (360) 207-1848 or contact Country Green Turf Farms today.


Seed in Renton is a wonderful way to get a healthy lawn, but with summer right around the bend the heat is about to turn up. With this increase in temperatures comes dry spells as well. Making sure you are prepared can go a long way towards maintaining your lawn. Early preparation now will ensure your grass seed thrives during summer.

Summer Lawn Preparation Steps

  1. Prepare – Remove dead and dying grass. A sod cutter can make quick work of any lawn. Use this tool to remove grass and weeds. You’ll want to aerate the soil with a rotary tiller, this is also an ideal time to add soil and compost.
  2. PH – A simple PH test will tell you what the PH of your lawn is. Make sure to test multiple areas on your lawn. You’ll want a PH between 6.0 and 7.5 for good grass growth. Lime based products can be used to raise a lawns PH. We’ve covered how to apply them in the past. Sulfur can be used to lower soil PH. Be very cautious with these products as they can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
  3. Fertilization – Once your PH is balanced it’s time to fertilize. Depending on what you want in your lawn’s growth there are a variety of different fertilizers you can use. Some provide long term benefits while others are better in the short term.
  4. Seed – Depending on what you’re looking for in a lawn, there are varying seed options. These include wildflower mixtures for a naturally colorful lawn and varying lawn mixtures designed for differing sun and shade combinations.
  5. Dispersal – Spread the grass seed evenly. You’ll want to use short strokes with the back side of a rake to work the seeds into the soil. Even handedness is key to achieve a uniform spread that delivers full coverage.
  6. Water – Be careful not to over water. Water 2 -3 times a day for the first 8 – 10 days. Keep watering between 5 and 10 minutes. You want to keep the seed moist, but not soggy. When sprouts and seeds dry out they die, and germination takes 5-30 days on average or longer in the Northwest. Ask your local seed experts for an expected germination time on your seed type. When the grass has sprouted, water once daily for 15 – 30 minutes.

A great lawn requires great grass seed. Call 800-300-1763 or contact Country Green Turf Farms for grass seed in Renton.


Sod in Olympia is tricky business. Depending on its use it requires a range of different grass types. Many of these are from the Northwest, but there are some grass types we regularly use from much warmer climates. When you need sod, it’s important to have the correct grass types for the task at hand. A mixture for a field that sees lots of trampling and running will need to be more resilient and faster growing than one for a golf course. We even have feed mixtures that are specifically designed for grazing herd animals. Here are the basic grass types we use most when growing sod for Olympia based customers, and what makes them unique.

Northwest Grass 101

  • Hard Fescue – This cool-season perennial bunchgrass was released in 1949. It’s often used for stabilization, weed suppression, and golf courses. As a low maintenance grass it’s a great option for a variety of uses. It’s also been specifically adapted for the rain fall of the Northwest, thriving in our climate.
  • Perrenial Ryegrass – This grass type is often used in the southwest for lawn overseeding in the winter. Since it enters a dormant state during cool seasons, it’s often added to grass mixtures so that during cooler seasons lawns remain green. In the Northwest it thrives, acting as a permanent, year round grass option.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – Though it isn’t actually blue, the perrenial grass sees frequent and common use in the Northwest. It is hearty, well draining, and frequently used in lawns, parks, and even pasture grass. 90% of the bluegrass seed in the U.S. is actually produced in the Northwest.
  • Chewings Fescue – Adapted for cool regions like the Northwest, Chewings fescue can be aggressive and is best used to crowd out weeds. It also thrives in shady areas, making it great for cloudy Northwest skies. As a grass adept at surviving in low fertile soil, it is often used on golf courses, and areas were low maintenance and resilience is desired.

When you need sod in Olympia that uses the best customized grass mixtures for the Northwest, call 800-300-1763 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.


With spring rains in the Northwest still present, we’re used to a rainy season that just won’t quit. That can present major problems when it comes to hillsides. If you’ve got a hillside that’s already lush with grass and plant life, you don’t have to worry about erosion. Property owners looking at barren hills know they may be one really good rain away from a mudslide though. So what’s the easiest way to control erosion in Seattle? Something affordable and effective? If the title wasn’t a dead give away, it’s hydroseeding.

Erosion Control with Hydroseeding

Erosion control in Seattle is necessary. The landscape can be quite hilly, and since many of the slopes are of a lesser grade, hydrosseding in Seattle is actually the perfect option. The reason it works so well is three-fold.

  • Affordability – Hydroseeding is one of the cheapest methods available for seeding property. This is because unlike sod, it doesn’t have to be grown first. That means less time and energy during production of the product, less man power to apply the product, and an affordable option for nearly any budget.
  • Reliability – Because hydroseeding requires specific mixtures of compounds, it’s almost guaranteed to work. Tackifier makes sure it sticks, mulch protects it, ferilizer feeds it. Since you can make nearly any combination of seeds, whatever the end user would like to grow will. That includes different grass varieties and even flowers, making it a perfect fit for your property and climate.
  • Efficiency – There’s a reason so many companies turn to hydrosseding when they need a job done quickly. Though sod is ready for use sooner, when you need to cover large landmass in a short amount of time, hydroseeding can’t be beat. It’s fast and takes root quickly, providing erosion control over even large areas in a short amount of time.

When you need fast, reliable, and affordable hydroseeding in Seattle call 1-800-300-1763 or contact Country Green Turn Farms Today.


It’s easy to forget that turf in Marysville requires care. You see it every single day, and unless something goes really wrong and you get a lawn disease, it can feel like it takes care of itself. This isn’t always the case though, and a good fertilizer can go a long way towards helping you maintain a healthy lawn in Marysville. With stark differences between the two primary fertilizer options, how can you decide which one is best? We’ll explain the primary differences between organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers so that you can choose the perfect fertilizer for your Marysville turf.

Synthetic Fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizers offer one primary benefit to consumers, they act very quickly. There are some major downsides for this convenience though. Synthetic fertilizers are water soluble salt compounds. You must be very careful with the amount you use, or you’ll end up burning the roots of your grass and killing it. Synthetic fertilizers are also prone to leaching into water supplies, in addition to doing little for the longevity of your soil.

Synthetic fertilizer is also predominantly composed of fillers. These inactive ingredients in chemical fertilizers can be made of harmful substances. As an example, some use Ironite mined from a superfund site. This material contains lead and arsenic but since it is not an active ingredient, companies are not require to list it on the product label.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers usually offer a slower release of nutrients, one of their largest benefits is that they don’t just help to improve your grass, they actually improve the soil. The micro nutrients in organic fertilizers actually get into the soil itself, improving the ecology of your soil. It does take a a much longer time to see the benefits of organic fertilizer though, so if you don’t need instant results it can be a great preemptive measure to ensure grass health.

The inactive ingredients in organic fertilizers are also safe for the environment, these include things like clay and sawdust. They won’t leach into the waterways and and won’t damage the ecology of your soil system.

Now that you know what fertilizer to use, it’s time to get some amazing turf in Marysville. Call (360) 657-2175 or contact Country Green Turf Farms today for turf in Marysville.


When you get sod in Renton it’s an investment in your property, your home, and your happiness. Purchasing and installing high quality sod in Renton can be a joy, so it’s important to be aware of the most common lawn diseases. These strike at various times and can put a serious damper on the enjoyment of your new lawn. Fortunately, if you know about them beforehand, there are steps you can take to prevent lawn disease.

Lawn Diseases and Prevention

  • Brown Patch Lawn Disease – This summer season disease is caused by fungus when humidity gets high and temperatures reach the mid eighties. This fungus enters leaf tissue through wounds and pores. It will appear as a brown smoky looking ring that can be anywhere from a few inches to many feet in length. The best way to prevent this disease is by lessening the amount of mowing that occurs during hot, humid weather. Thatch aeration during cool months is also advisable though there are fungicide options if you still get brown patch lawn disease.
  • Red Thread Disease – This disease can have a great impact on rye and fescue grass. It is evident by yellow patches on a lawn that soon turn brown and appear to be dead. Grass tips will be green, brown, and red and the fungus will appear as red tips on grasses. This is another disease that presents during humid weather when fungus tends to grow. Proper lawn care practices including proper drainage and allowing your lawn to receive enough sunlight can aid in prevention. Also make sure to infrequently but deeply water your lawn when it does not receive rain in the summer months.
  • Rust Lawn Disease – If you’re noticing a theme, it’s because many lawn diseases leave a distinctive coloring. A mid-to-late summer fungus, this usually affects grasses that have been wet for too long. Clusters of rust colored spores eat away at grass. Prevention is always the best option, that means proper drainage and sunlight. If your sod in Renton is affected by it though, increased mowing can help eliminate the spread, and a nitrogen-rich, balanced fertilizer can help control it.

Now that you know how to identify and prevent some common conditions, it’s time to replace your ailing lawn with some beautiful new sod. For excellent sod in Renton, call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.

Lawn Care

When you need a lawn care professional to help with your sod in Tacoma, there are a number of things you’ll want to be sure of before you hire them. Taking a little time before making your decision can save your a lot of trouble down the line. Sod installation is a great cost effective way to guarantee yourself a beautiful lawn, but if you don’t choose the right company for the job your lawn may not last long enough to even take root. Consider these when choosing your lawn care professional:

  • Needs – Determine what you both want and expect from your lawn care service. Many providers offer similar services, but not all of them offer the same services. Make sure they will be able to meet your needs in the time frame you need them met in.
  • Methods and Guarantees – A reliable lawn care provider will only provide services that are beneficial. Ask what products they use, and find out of they pro-actively treat and charge for problems you may not ever encounter. Also inquire about any guarantees. A company that is willing to back their work is generally performing at a level they believe is high enough that they will not have to come back. This is a good thing because although a company will honor a guarantee, it indicates they believe their quality is high enough that it will not be necessary.
  • Recommendations – Word of mouth is a good way to get introduced to an excellent lawn care professional. Whether you need sod in Tacoma or any of a dozen other lawn services there are almost certainly folks nearby who have utilized the same companies. Getting their take on it and finding out whether their needs were met can go a long way in helping you determine if your will be as well.

For excellent sod mixtures and professional sod installation in Tacoma, call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.


Hydroseeding in Marysville is a great option for a number of uses. From quickly seeding  fields and parks to providing a viable and fast growing food source for cattle. With so much variety, it’s easy to see why hydroseeding has become such a popular option for quick coverage and guaranteed growth. It doesn’t always get used for standard practices though, because of the malleability of the mixtures and the ease with which it can be applied in any environment, some folks are getting quite creative with their hydroseeding.

Feeding the fishes has reported on this interesting use of hydroseeding in the state of Alabama. Ever the innovators, the U.S. Forestry Service had their hand in this experiment, the goal of which was the proliferation of fish in Smith Lake. As any ecologist will tell you, one of the biggest restrictions to a species ability to expand is food. When that becomes restricted, continuing to grow becomes difficult. This is due to multiple reasons, one of which is that young fish spawn become more tempting sources of food. How to attract more food for fish though?

This where hydroseeding shines. Spraying the shoreline of the Smith Lake storage reserve grows grass in an environment with very little natural grass. The grass serves multiple purpose.

  • Insect Attraction – Insects are attracted to shoreline grasses, and when water levels rise in the spring it provides the perfect resting place for shoreline insects.
  • Hatchling Safety – When young fish spawn have nowhere to hide they may as well be sitting targets, this gives them a place to safely avoid larger fish.
  • Food – The new food source provides larger fish with something to eat other than frys, allowing the frys to grow to maturity.

All this from some simple hydroseeding. When you need the best seed mixtures and top notch spraying services for your hydroseeding in Marysville call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.


Sod in Marysville can be a great addition to your home. You’ve either recently installed sod, or you’ve had it for a number of years and the winter lawn care freeze is finally over. You go into your storage shed to get your lawn care equipment, ready for some spring lawn maintenance. Before you even think about pulling the cord to start your lawnmower or weed eater there are some steps you should take though, especially if you didn’t put in any gasoline additives before they went into storage. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be out performing spring lawn care in no time.

Lawn Care Equipment Tips

  1. Empty the Gasoline – You may not be aware, but gasoline doesn’t last forever. The worst damage occurs when gas begins to oxidize. The first step you want to take is to remove old gasoline.
  2. Disconnect Spark Plugs – Doing this ensures gas fumes will not combust from an accidental spark and allows for a safe working environment.
  3. Sharpen the Blade – For lawnmowers or bladed hedge trimmers, a metal file can be used to sharpen the removed blade. This will make your lawn maintenance much easier and provide the best cut.
  4. Drain Oil – Four cycle engines have independent oil reservoirs. Old oil doesn’t protect the engine the way fresh oil does. You don’t need to worry about this with a two stroke engine because oil additives are added directly to the gasoline.
  5. Clean Everything – Get old grass and built up dirt off of the machine, especially anything caked around moving parts.
  6. Filter Replacement – Replace any necessary filters if your lawn care equipment contains an air or oil filter.
  7. Add Oil – Add the appropriate amount of fresh oil for your four stroke engine.
  8. Add Gasoline – Add fresh gasoline, don’t forget to use the correct oil additive if servicing equipment with a two stroke engine.
  9. Spark Plug Replacement – This will ensure a strong spark and save you from pulling on that rope more than necessary.

Now that your lawn care equipment has been serviced, you’re ready to maintain your sod in Marysville. If your lawn could use some new sod in Marysville, call (800) 300-1763 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.


To understand how current hydroseeding in Renton works it helps to have a little bit of a history on it. Hydroseeding was invented in the late 1940’s by a Connecticut Highway Department employee named Maurice Mandell as an efficient way to seed the sides of expressway embankments. It was quickly put to use by an enterprising man by the name of Charlie Finn. He sold the first commercial hydroseeder. This early model paired mixing units with a spray unit in order to provide a constant stream of hydro seeding mixture at a steady pressure. These days it’s gotten a little more in-depth though, even if the basic premise remains the same.

The Modern Hydroseeding Process

The primary difference between the hydroseedng of yore and today’s methodology is what’s put into the slurry. Whereas hydroseeding started out as simply seed and water, today there are a variety of additives added in order to ensure seeds grow properly. They can even be pre-germinated, guaranteeing they’ll all begin to take root even faster.

Hydroseeding Slurry Contains:

  • Water – The water makes up a large portion of the mix, carrying the seeds and hydrating them.
  • Seeds – This is often a variety of different grass types specifically selected by the hydroseeder to perform well in local environmental conditions.
  • Phosphorous – Plays a large role in plant growth and when used in hydroseeding helps to accelerate growth.
  • Mulch – This is made from wood or paper and provides the seeds with protection as well as keeping in moisture.
  • Tackifiers – In rainy areas these are used to help the slurry adhere to slopes without washing away.

Hydroseeding Applications

Though originally used primarily for erosion control, the quick application, relatively inexpensive cost, and ability to mix a variety of different types has led hydroseeding to the forefront of the grass industry. It is now used for seeding fields for feeding livestock, quickly seeding playing fields, erosion control, and tailored mixes can even be used to cover a field in wild flowers. With all the applications hydroseeding has in Renton, when you need hydroseeding performed you need a reliable company.

With decades of experience and tried and true mixes, call (360) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farm for all your Renton hydroseeding needs.

Seattle Lawn

With daylight savings pushing all of our clocks forward, spring is right around the corner. The official first day of spring is March, 20. Landing on a Friday means you’ll likely have a beautiful weekend ahead of you, and it’s been 3 weeks since you performed our list of spring sod care tips. That means your Seattle sod lawn is in perfect shape for some fun and games.

Lawns are great to appreciate, but why put all that effort into a gorgeous lawn when you don’t intend to use it? It’s the perfect time to invest in some brand new lawn games, that way you’ll get the maximum amount of use out of your lawn during the coming spring and summer months.

Lawn Games

  • Bocce ball – An old classic, your grandparents may have even bonded over this one. Bocce ball is an Italian game by origin that has grown to become a summer favorite throughout the world. The game involves throwing a small ball called a jack. Teams or individuals then take turns throwing 2 balls a piece. Whoever has the most balls closest to the jack and in front of their opponents first ball gets a point for each. It’s quick, spirited, and a fantastic way to enjoy your lawn.
  • Ladder Golf – A newer game, this is a fun one both indoors and out doors. A ladder is positioned with 3 rungs, the bottom most being worth 1 point, the second 2 points, and the top 3. Participants throw bolos, (two hard spheres attached by a rope), in order to score points. The score can be set as high as you’d like, and soft child friendly bolos are available making it fun for the whole family.
  • Croquet – Made most famous by Alice in Wonderland, croquet dates back to at least 1856. Originally called pall mall, the rules of the game haven’t changed in over 150 years. Lay down your iron arches, grab your mallets, and whoever gets their ball through in the fewest amount of strokes is the winner. The great thing about croquet is that everything from buckets to trees can be used as hazards, making every game interesting and new.

Now that you know what to play this summer, make sure you’ve got a beautiful lawn. For all your sod needs in Seattle, call (800) 456-1006 or contact Country Green Turf Farms.


Turf in Seattle is an important part of the local ecosystem. Not only does it determine how a ball moves on the field, it provides natural cooling abilities on hot days and gives players and their families somewhere nice to rest during the game. A properly installed turf can provide citizens with longevity, enjoyment, and a place to socialize. It also doesn’t carry any of the recently suspected health risks that artificial turf does.

Artificial Turf, Real Danger

What you may not realize about artifical turf, is that it can pose some very real health problems. This isn’t because artificial turf itself is inherently dangerous, but the medium it’s laid on top of very well may be. Many of these field use what is called crumb rubber. Here are a few basic facts:

  • Crumb rubber is made of ground up used tires and has been used on artificial fields for more than 20 years.
  • About 30 percent of crumb rubber is made up of carbon black, a known carcinogen.
  • The EPA study on the harmful effects of crumb rubber was admittedly limited and focused predominantly on carcinogens in air vapor.

Recent reports have shown that this limited viewpoint of how carcinogens can enter the body could be the studies biggest failure. Young children have actually been getting some very rare forms of cancer. When interviewed by CBS these children said that when playing soccer they ended up with scratches and burns where rubber particles entered the wounds. They also got it in their mouths, noses, eyes and ears. Soccer goalies appeared to be the most affected by this problem.

Though there certainly needs to be more studies performed, the EPA has stated their press release concerning the initial study is outdated. Since that press release also carried the findings of the study, it is a not stated as such admission that the study itself is outdated. The EPA has not performed a new study as of yet.

If you have concerns with artificial turf, there is a natural alternative. The experts at Country Green Turf Farms grow beautiful, lush, safe, real turf for use anywhere grass fields are needed. call (360) 207 – 1848 or Contact Country Green Turf for turf in Seattle today.


Lawn care is incredibly important. You can have the nicest sod in Tacoma installed on your property, and it won’t mean anything if you don’t take care of it. This doesn’t just involve making sure it gets enough water, it involves making sure predatory weeds aren’t around to suck up valuable resources. Your lawn is an ecosystem, and weeds upset your grasses monopoly. If it makes it easier, the grass blades are citizens of your lawn, and weeds are the intrusive monsters who destroy their cities. Some weeds cause bare patches, others take over a lawn, all of them are preventable.

Tips to stay weed free

  • Mow correctly – That’s easy, you just fire it up and move it around the yard starting at the edges, right? Not so fast. Depending on what type of grass you have, it can thrive at different lengths. If you don’t want to do your homework, at least keep it above 3 inches. This allows the grass to root much more deeply, and in turn naturally crowd out weeds. Tall grass also prevents baby weeds from getting sunlight, stopping them before they get a chance to do any damage.
  • Perform lawn maintenance This may take a little bit of time, but will be well worth it. Your lawn day should include:
    • Weeding your lawn by hand
    • Dethatching your lawn
    • Lawn aeration
    • Seeding of bare spots

    You’ll have a bit of an unsightly lawn for 3 to 4 weeks, but after that you should be well on your way to a more beautiful, healthier lawn.

  • Control Weeds – There are a number of different methods you can use, some of which are even organic. Options include selective weedkillers, herbicides, and things like Corn Gluten which actually prevent seeds from germinating. You’ll want to investigate which option is correct for your needs, as several may be required. This will be dependent on the current state of your grass, and the area you are treating.For excellent sod in Tacoma, Call (360) 456 – 1006 or Contact Country Green Turf today.


Sod Bellingham

Even though it’s not quite spring yet, you wouldn’t know it by the weather. With an increase in daylight and pleasant temperatures, enterprising young sod installers could easily find the time to carry out their Bellingham, sod project. Everyone has to start somewhere. As great as it is to have a neighbor with a green thumb, or grandparent to pass down important sod laying information, many experience their first sod project solo. It doesn’t mean they, or you, have to go in unprepared though. Bellingham is an incredibly green town, and with a few helpful hints you’ll find your sod taking root in no time.

Spring Sod Tips

  • Sod Choice – Picking the right kind of sod can determine the difference between success and failure. We offer a number of sods that are carefully created using multiple grass types. These grass types grow significantly better in cooler climates. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is appropriate for your environment. Rye Grass, Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue do particularly well in Bellingham.
  • Sod Watering – Just because it’s the rainy season, doesn’t mean you can’t lay sod in Bellingham. It’s incredibly important to keep you eyes peeled on the amount of water your sod is getting though. Rain gauges can be purchased for under 10 dollars and tell you how much water per square inch your lawn is receiving. You’ll want to give it about an inch a day, watering twice a day everyday for the first two weeks. Two days after that you’ll be ready to start mowing and engaging in a more relaxed watering schedule. The gauge will help you take rainfall into your watering consideration.
  • Sod Mowing – Once you can mow your sod you want to make sure you do it right. It may seem like a short mow will be the easiest, but the more you chop off the harder your grass has to work to get the sunlight it needs. Keep your new sod at least 3 inches high, we recommend 4 for maximum root penetration. These deeper roots also help to crowd out weeds when they have nowhere to take root, not to mention even more soft cushy grass for star gazing once it gets really warm out.

This is just the tip of the grass shoot, so tune in next week to find out some great options for handling pesky weeds in your Bellingham, WA sod. As always the experts at Country Green Turf are happy to answer your questions and provide you with great sod, so don’t hesitate to Call (360) 207 – 1848 or Contact Country Green Turf today.

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