Sod Vancouver, Camas, Beattle Ground and the entire Cowlitz County

Sod Clark County

Remember how it feels to run through the grass barefoot? If you dream of having a lush lawn that allows you to feel the blades of grass between your toes, Country Green Turf Farms delivers with an array of options for your lawn—the ease and convenience of sod, the luxurious yards that come with hydroseed, seed, and other grass. No matter where you live throughout Clark County, including areas in and around Vancouver, WA and Camas, Country Turf Farms can deliver the products you need to keep your lawn looking fresh.

Sod Clark County


We work with many different clients from all over the county to provide the highest quality products for suburban homes and farmland, commercial business sites, sports fields, recreational facilities, and more. We have the best hydroseed available, offering it to customers looking for the perfect mixture for their unique needs, including areas with lots of sun, a significant amount of shade, and mixtures of both sun and shade. We have worked with clients in every corner of Clark County, including Battle Ground, to provide the best products and services possible that keep lawns looking as healthy and green as possible.


Down in Camas we have skilled providers giving you the tools you need to keep your lawns in top shape. When you’re looking for pasture mixes for your horses, we have everything you need, including specialized horse seed pasture mixes that don’t include any clover, and a 5-way pasture mixture that is applicable for any type of area you want to cover. These mixes are well adapted to the climate conditions and the soil of Washington so you can rest assured you will get the products you need for your land.


If you are looking for the highest quality turf and seed in Vancouver, WA, we can provide you with residential and commercial turf to meet any need you may have. Whether you’re looking for a single residential yard job, or you require enough seed for an entire business campus or other public facility, we guarantee high quality and service with every agricultural product we sell. Come talk to us today to find out how our turf can work for your project.

Clark County

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