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Sod Skagit County

Whether you are a contractor who provides lawn care services, a homeowner, a business, or a local employee who works in the parks and recreation department of Mount Vernon in Skagit County, you want to have a great lawn. County Green Turf Farms provides lawn products, tools, and services that keep local lawns looking beautiful, whether it’s a smaller area like your backyard, or a large area like the local golf course, sports field, or city park. We offer the highest quality seed, sod, turf grass, or hydroseed for any project, large or small.

Sod Skagit County


Getting the perfect lawn to match the weather conditions of Mount Vernon and other nearby areas is a matter of expertise. Turf professionals have been cultivating sod that is perfectly blended to give you meticulously grown grass with attention to detail, reducing the conditions for weeds during the growing process to keep your lawn clean even after it’s planted. Our sod is designed to withstand the weather in the Northwest, and continue looking beautiful year after year.

Skagit County

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